City of Munster

Welcome to Munster!

Munster is one of the top addresses when it comes to choosing a venue for a trade fair, a congress or any other event. After all, it's not just the facilities which make an event a success. A city's atmosphere, its leisure facilities, and its transport connections are all just as important. And it's here that Munster has plenty to offer - as an university city, a hanseatic city, Germany's cycling capital, the city where the peace treaty ending the Thirty Years War was signed, and as one of the member cities of the "Historic Highlights of Germany".

Already 1648 Munster made a name for itself across Europe as a venue for a congress: 150 delegates and their retinues from all over Europe came to stay here to sign a treaty in the Town Hall which ended the Thirty Years War.

Today Munster is a modern, young-at-heart city with 280,000 inhabitants, including around 55,000 students. An innovative city with a strong economy, a city of science and savoir-vivre. But Munster has stayed true to its traditions - which is why this city, with its cosmopolitanism and hospitality, offers the best conditions for making your event a success. With dedication and a combination of history, culture and atmosphere to experience and enjoy.

Four good reasons for choosing Munster:


Munster has atmosphere

Munster's historic old town alone is worth a visit. But the best thing here is that visitors can combine sightseeing and cultural delights with an extended shopping expedition. The Prinzipalmarkt is one of Germany`s best shopping locations. And ending your shopping spree in one of Munster's cafés and restaurants is also typical of the the city's lifestyle. How about a glass of wine or of Munster's very own Pinkus beer while you sit admiring the Cathedral, the Town Hall or .... ?


Munster - a city of artistic and cultural delights

In this city of education and science a visit to one of the 31 museums here is simply a must - whether it's the Westphalian State Museum or the Pablo Picasso Museum of Graphic Arts. Since 1977 there has been a sculpture exhibition here every ten years enjoying international repute. But there are also 20 theatres and variety theatres, as well as 20 cinemas and numerous galeries - all offering pleasure and stimulation day-in, day-out.


Munster gives you an appetite for more

Munster is an attractive city located in the middle of the charming Münsterland countryside. So, after a particular event is over, why not extend your stay a little? In the middle of the city the Promenade, Lake Aa, the Kreativkai and the canal offer splendid opportunities for running, cycling or rollerblading. Or how about a canoe tour on the idyllic River Werse?


The Münsterland

Munster is the city for cycling. A cycling tour in the attractive surrounding countryside is an absolute must. A 4,000 km network of cycle paths shows the Münsterland from its finest side. And again and again, between fields and meadows, farmhouses and forests, you come across one of the many moated castles here.


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